Mindful Nature Pedagogy for Educators Course

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Referent*innen: Alexandra Koster

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Mindful Nature Pedagogy sees education as a holistic, wholesome process and promotes learning through active, multi-sensory and mindful engagement with the natural world.

We are living in challenging times and it is our responsibility as educators to respond to these challenges by adapting our approach to education. Children need a positive, hopeful and supportive environment, which honours and validates their worries and empowers them for the future at the same time. Every part of the curriculum can be integrated into a nature context. In this 4 week course you will learn about strategies and approaches for indoor and outdoor Mindful Nature Pedagogy and the ideas, schools of thought and science behind this methodology.


Alex Koster ist Deutsche und lebt seit vielen Jahren mit ihrer Familie in Irland. Sie ist Lehrerin und arbeitet als Achtsamkeitskeitstrainerin für Kinder und Erwachsene. Mehr über Sie hier.

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