Renewal – The Way Out is In (in Engl.)


9. - 14. Juli 2024

Facilitators: Mirjam Luthe, Galia Tyano Ronen und Lotta Adelstal

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This is a transformative journey that intertwines inner care and a profound shift in consciousness by fully immersing into a Living Systems‘ Lab in . 

Participants will experience a 5-day retreat to support pathways of holistic resilience in times of transition. They will explore a framework for inner growth (IDGs), supported by compassion-based practices (MSC) to sustainably cultivate the soil for change, supported and deepened through contemplative nature connection practices (AITW). The retreat location is a ‚Living Systems Lab‘ for research, education and entrepreneurship in sustainability transitions and regenerative design, the „Monviso Institute“ in Piemonte, an Alpine village in revival.

The retreat will be co-facilitated by Mirjam Luthe, Lotta Adelstal, and Galia Tyano Ronen.

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